Mam Tor : Derbyshire

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Route Information

An out-and-return circular walk Via Mam Tor

Route Difficulty: Easy

Distance: 6.97 km (4.36 miles)

Route Ascent: 317 m

Route Elevation: 495 m

Route Time: 2-4 hrs

Start and Finish: Castleton Visitors Centre Car Park, Buxton Road, Castleton, Derbyshire, S33 8WN

Depending on the featured walk and especially in mountainous areas, you may need to Calculate the time using Naismith’s Rule and factor in to your own pace.


There are toilets, shops and places to eat within the visitors centre, for more information visit Castleton Visitors Centre Website

Castleton has many shops, cafes and pubs, For more information have a look at the TipAdvisor Website 


The fields leading up to Hollins Cross can get muddy in wet weather, as can the descent down from Mam Tor. The path from Blue John Caverns skirts the side of Treak Cliff to Treak Cliff Caverns.

The Urban Ranger Website cannot outline every single hazard on a walk – it’s up to you to be safe and competent, and to be able to read a map and use a compass. Plan your route properly with the latest advice from the AdventureSmart website

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Weather Forecast

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Famous for being the tenth best walk in the UK, Mam Tor is without doubt a true family friendly walk that has it all.

Voted Britain’s 10th best walk in 2017, Mam Tor also known as the Mother Hill or Shivering Mountain stands 1,696 ft tall and is situated on the southern edge of the Peak District and overlooks the White Peak and the notable Winnats Pass.

The views also encompass Edale Valley to Kinder Scout and the Derwent Moors. From the top the views are panoramic and pleasing to the eye.

Frequent landslips on Mam Tor’s Eastern face have resulted in a multitude of mini hills beneath it, the landslips were caused by unstable lower layers of shale and in 1979 a landslip finally closed the A625 through route for good.

Mam Tor is made of rocks of the Carboniferous age and is approximately 320 million years old. It is the dominating link between the eastern end of Rushup Edge and the Western end of the Great Ridge, which together separate Hope Valley to the South and Edale to the North.

Mam Tor is well populated with locals and travelling walkers and in good weather Lords Seat is a very popular with Parapenter’s which gives for some impressive views. Castleton and Blue John Mines are close by and there is plenty of parking depending on which way you want to ascend the Tor.

Starting off from the visitors centre in Castleton, turn right and head out of the village along Buxton Road (East) after a few hundred yards there is a small passage between the houses on the right-hand side of the road. Head through the passage which is very tight and through the gate onto open land.

Follow the path so you skirt the left-hand side of the brook and trees until you come to a lane heading towards Dunscar Farm. Cross over the lane and through the gate which will cross open fields with way markers. You will start to head up towards Woodseats. Once you reach Woodseats there will be buildings to the left and a path across the lane to your diagonal right.

Take the path to your diagonal right and this will lead up a fairly easy ascent of around 100 meters to Hollins Cross. Once at the top follow the path along the ridgeline which is well marked. This will lead you all the way to the summit of Mam Tor which in good weather will always be in view throughout the whole walk.

From the summit carry-on South-West descending around 50 meters before heading south off the Tor and then diagonally South East along the well-marked path towards Mam Tor Road. Once at the road head left and follow the road until you reach Blue John Cavern’s on your right. Head down the lane towards the caverns until you are more or less in front of the building. To your left there is a gate which you will need to head through. Do not take the path to the right towards Winnats Pass.

The path will lead you around to Treak Cliff Cavern and provide you with some good views of Mam Tor and Castleton. At the cavern head down the steps and onto Mam Tor Road once again before finally following the road back to Castleton which will be in view.

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